Friday, October 5, 2012

PITDC–Session Resources

Hi folks! This is the place to find links to session resources from Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con 2012!

We’ll update this post with new links as we get them from the speakers. If there’s session content you’d like that isn’t listed, let me know and I can request it directly from the speaker.

(Almost) 8 Web Services in 75 Minutes (Chad McCallum and James Chambers)
(slides/code links are at the end of the blog post)

Open Data – A Paradigm Shift

Sencha Touch Dojo

Managing Virtual Machines with PowerShell

The Dark Side of Code Metrics

Advanced Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Beautiful Javascript with Coffeescript


Continuous Integration Evolved

Do This; No Do That – Building the Bridge Between Creative and Code

Multitaskers Anonymous

Using Live Graphs and Logs in your Production Environment

HTML5 The Parts You Care About

The Silence of Agile

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Attendee Survey Now Available!

Prairie Dev Con is built around the concept of a four-legged stool, with each leg representing attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers. It’s important to get feedback from all four to ensure that we’re continually improving the event and making it better every year!

We’ve posted a survey for attendees to provide feedback to us about the overall conference. If you attended the conference, please take some time to fill it out (its short, only a few questions).

If you have nice things to say about the conference, fantastic! We like to know what worked well so we keep doing them. If you have negative feedback, we welcome that too. The one ask is that if you do identify an aspect of the conference as less than satisfactory, please put comments in detailing what specifically it was.

You can access the survey by clicking here:

Thanks again to all the attendees for coming out to the conference. Without you, there would be no Prairie Dev Con!



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prairie IT Pro Day–Attendee Update!

For those attending the Prairie IT Pro Day tomorrow, I wanted to touch base on a few things.


Registration opens at 7 AM on Wednesday. We're located on the 2nd floor of the Delta Regina - enter through the main doors and take the escalators to the 2nd floor. Registration is outside the Umbria room. Here's a link to a map:


Breakfast will be served from 7AM - 8AM in the Umbria room.


The Delta Regina does offer free wi-fi internet.


There's one small change to the schedule: Brad Bird's "Modernizing the DataCenter talk will be moved to the 2:30 timeslot, and "How to Make Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager Work for You" will move to the 9:45 timeslot. Also sessions listed in the Campania room will now be held in the Umbria room.
We'll have paper copies of the schedule available with all the updates.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and as always please let me know if you have any other questions!



Donald Belcham Workshop Info

If you’re registered to attend the Donald Belcham post-con workshop, here’s the details for you!

The workshop will start at 8:00 AM and go until 5:00 PM. Feel free to bring your laptops if you'd like, but they aren't required (this is a lecture-based workshop).

The workshop will be in the Campania A room.

Also, I'm happy to announce that breakfast and lunch will be provided! Breakfast will be from 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM in the Umbria room on the 2nd floor of the Delta. Lunch will be from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM in the same room.

If you have any questions please let me or Donald know (he's cc'd on this email).

Thanks, see you tomorrow!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con - Final Update!

Below is a recap of the final update email that went out to attendees today! See you on Monday!

Registration opens at 7 AM on Monday. We're located on the 2nd floor of the Delta Regina - enter through the main doors and take the escalators to the 2nd floor. There's a link to the floor plan on our Schedule page:
Breakfast will be served from 7AM - 8AM in the Trentino room.


The Delta Regina does offer free wi-fi internet. However, one request - please try to restrain connections to one device while at the conference (i.e. phone, laptop, etc.). We've found in the past that we can overload the internet rather quickly, and reducing the number of devices connecting can definitely help.


There have been a few last minute changes to the schedule, so please review the schedule again before Monday. We will have paper copies of the schedule available and you can also check the schedule on our Mobile website:
*Note - the mobile site will be udpated over the weekend to reflect the schedule changes on our website.

Some of our sessions are labelled as "Dojos". These are hands-on sessions where the expectation is that you bring a laptop and code along with the presenter. Each dojo has pre-requisites that must be installed or downloaded prior to the session! We've put up a blog post that details where you can get the materials for each one:
We'll also have some hard drives at the registration table with any session materials/pre-requisites so you can copy them over at the conference.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week, and as always please let me know if you have any other questions!



Windows 8 Workshop
There's still time to register for Sunday's free Windows 8 Workshop! Visit the registration page for all the information!


Windows Server 2012 Hands-On IT Camp
There's still time to register for Wednesday night's free Windows Server 2012 Hands-On IT Camp! Visit the registration page for more info!

PITDC–Dojo Pre-Requisites

Below is the pre-requisite information for the various dojo sessions at the conference.

Using Node.JS to Manage Client-Side Development (Dave Mosher)
Please install the latest Node.JS version -

Please download this package, which contains the project, node_module dependencies, and the latest node installers for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Android – Come Build an App!
Please install the latest version of Virtual Box -

Please visit the registration booth at the conference to copy over the VM for this session.

Source Control Crusaders
Please install the latest version of Virtual Box -

Please visit the registration booth at the conference to copy over the VM for this session.

Build an HTML5 Mobile App with Sencha Touch
Please ensure you have a development web server installed (i.e. IIS Express although having Python or Ruby installed will be fine also).

Please ensure you have a webkit-based browser installed (i.e. Safari or Chrome)

Please download the files for this session here.

ASP.NET MVC 4 100mph Dojo
Please ensure you have VS.NET 2010 SP1 or VS.NET 2012 installed.

Please ensure you have a current version of NuGet (2.0.306 or higher) (available here)

Please ensure you have ASP.NET MVC4 release version installed. (available here)

NuGet and MVC4 bits will be available at the registration booth for copy.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Discount One More Week!

It’s two weeks until Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con, and we want to ensure those coming back from summer vacation have enough time to take advantage of our summer discount. So we’re extending it one more week!

Register before September 24th to take advantage of our discount pricing:

2 Day Software Dev Days $499.99
2 Day IT Pro Day $249.99
All 3 Days $699.99

Groups of 3 or more for the Dev Days or full 3 Day conference registrations get an additional $50 off each registration!

Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks are included in your registration.

Don’t miss out on the best way to learn about new and emerging technologies for web, mobile, cloud, .NET, Java, and more!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Announcing 2 Free Microsoft Workshops!

We’re thrilled to announce two more community events associated with Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con! And the best part of all – they’re both free! Microsoft is putting on a Windows 8 Workshop on Sunday, September 30th and a Windows Server 2012 IT Camp the evening of Wednesday, October 3rd!

Both have limited seating, so check out the descriptions below and if it sounds interesting register today!

Windows 8 Workshop

Date: September 30, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Delta Regina
Cost: FREE!

On August 15th, Microsoft made Windows 8 RTM and tools available for developers and designers to build apps for the Windows Store. With general availability in October, we want to help you build your app for the Windows Store.

  • If you know web development technologies, you can develop apps using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • If you have developed .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, or Microsoft Silverlight applications, you can develop apps using XAML, with code-behind in C++, C#, or Visual Basic.
  • If you know DirectX, you can develop s DirectX app using native C++ and HLSL to take full advantage of graphics hardware.

With over 500 million devices running Windows in the world, Windows 8 provides one of the biggest developer opportunities, ever. Building apps to be sold or provided for free in the Windows Store are easy to build and allow you to take advantage of new features in Windows 8 including Search, Share, Play To, file picker & extensions, touch first, live tiles and many more that will make your app successful and profitable.

In this workshop, we will combine presentation along with hands-on labs so that you are get familiar with the platform, the tools and get you prepared for submitting your first app into the Windows Store.

Pre-Requisites:Attendees should have Windows 8 and the developer tools already installed that can be downloaded either through an MSDN subscription or a free trial. If you have any questions about installation before the workshop, please send an e-mail to Please note, you cannot build Windows Store apps with Windows 7 or Mac OSX unless you have virtualization software.


Windows Server 2012 IT Camp

Date: October 3, 2012
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Delta Regina, Umbria Room
Cost: FREE!
Registration: Click Here!

Here's your opportunity to get hands on experience with Windows Server 2012 in an interactive, guided evening session. Learn what's new in Windows Server 2012 and how to take advantage of those new features!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Keynote Speaker and Initial Sponsors Announced!

Keynote Speaker – Jason Toews from GB Internet Solutions!

We’re thrilled to have Jason Toews kick off the Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con with a keynote address! Jason co-founded GB Internet Solutions which develops GasBuddy and OpenStore®. Selected by Time Magazine as one of the Best Mobile Apps of 2012, GasBuddy now has over 16 million app downloads across iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone in addition to its 240+ local websites.

More info on the keynote can be found on our website:


Once again, Microsoft TechDays is our Diamond sponsor! In addition to supporting the conference, Microsoft TechDays will be presenting some fantastic content across the dev days and IT Pro day! Watch for session updates on our website, this blog, and Twitter.


We’re also thrilled to have Paradigm back as a Silver sponsor for this year’s conference. Paradigm has been a fantastic sponsor of all the Regina conferences and we’re thankful for their support!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con 2012 is NOW OPEN!

Excited, thrilled, and did I mention excited, to announce that registration for Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con 2012 is NOW OPEN!

You can get all the details on our registration page:

Registrations can be made online, or you can contact us at

to request an invoice be created!

I’m a Student – Anything for me?

YES! First off, for every Gold and Platinum sponsor of the conference, we’re donating *free* passes to U of R, SIAST, and Sask U! We’re in contact with student associations for all three and our intent is to have them disperse the passes, so contact them for more info.

Also, we have a discounted price for the Software Dev Days for students. You can get more info on our registration page.

Um…er…I don’t see IT Pro sessions listed on your site?

We’re in the process of finalizing the session listings for the IT Pro Day and are aiming for an early July update. Keep watching for updates on this blog, our Twitter account, and on Facebook!

It’s going to be a fantastic Fall in Regina, hope to see you out to Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Announcing Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con 2012 in Regina!

We're thrilled to announce Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con 2012, happening October 1-3 in Regina, Saskatchewan! This year will be our biggest one yet in Regina and we have a lot happening over the 4 days!
Four Days?! And What's This IT Pro Thing About?
This year conference events will be spread over four days!
Saturday, September 29th - Free All Day Hackathon

Hackathons are day-long, hands-on coding workshops put on by community members. Over the last year, with the explosion of Open Data, these Hackathons have focussed on leveraging open APIs to create some fantastic applications. Prairie Dev Con is proud to sponsor this event and provide it for free to the communitY! We'll have more information, including how to register, later this summer.
Monday, October 1 - Tuesday, October 2

For software developers, this is two days of fantastic sessions presented by world class speakers. We took feedback from our online survey, and took the pulse of the provincial tech heartbeat, and have come up with a session lineup like no other! HTML5, JavaScript, and other web development topics are alongside a strong mobile track, agile, database/BI, development foundation, and more! And we're not done updating our session list yet! Take a look at our current lineup and keep watching for updates as we finalize the sessions over the summer.
Wednesday, October 3

We've been having a great time putting on a software development conference - so much so that we wanted to invite the IT Pros in Saskatchewan to come out as well! So starting this year we're adding a dedicated IT Pro Day! This day will cover topics like virtualization, server infrastructure, platform administration, and others. We're waiting for confirmation from a number of speakers and will have our IT Pro session lineup posted later in July. We're very excited to offer this to the Saskatchewan IT Pro community!
For those software developers that are looking for a third-day event, fear not! We have Donald Belcham back to do a full day workshop on Aspect Oriented Develpoment! You can find more information on this workshop on our Workshop page.
How Does Registration Work?
We're making it flexible so people can attend as much or as little of the three day content as they like. We have four different registration options:

•Software Dev Days Only
•IT Pro Day Only
•All Three Days
•Software Dev Days and Post-Con AOP Workshop

And yes, groups of 3+ still get an extra $50 off each registration!

We want to encourage students to come out to the conference - not just to learn about what's currently happening in the tech industry, but also to network and socialize with those in the community. So to that end we're offering two new programs for students.

The first is a discounted student rate for the Software Dev days portion of the conference.

The second is through our sponsorship program. The conference will donate a free pass to U of R, SIAST, and Sask U for each Gold, Platinum, and Diamond sponsorship purchased! So in addition to helping the conference to operate, sponsors will also be helping the next generation of professionals interact with the industry. You can find out more info about our sponsorship package on our Sponsor Info page.
Register Early to Save!
We're going to be opening up registration on Friday (June 15th) morning, and we have early bird discounts available for those that register early! Make sure you claim your spot at the conference sooner than later! Looking forward to seeing everyone out at Prairie IT Pro and Dev Con 2012!
D'Arcy Lussier
Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Want Just a Workshop?

While Prairie Dev Con – West is going to be a fantastic professional development opportunity, we understand some people can only get away for a day. Our workshops on Monday, March 12th are fantastic deep dives into Windows Phone 7 development, Team Foundation Server, and running Agile Projects!

You can now register for just a workshop for the discounted price of $299.99! Breakfast and lunch are also provided!

For more information on our workshops, visit the workshop page on our website:

And to register for any of the workshops visit

Friday, February 17, 2012

Announcing Prairie Dev Con Regina, Oct 1–2 2012!

We’re coming home! In October of 2012 Prairie Dev Con returns to where it all began: Regina, Saskatchewan!

And while we’re over seven months away, we’re already starting to plan for the event – and we need your help to make it the best Prairie Dev Con ever!

We’ve set up a *very* short survey asking what topics and workshops you’d like to see at the conference. We’ll also be drawing from survey submissions on May 1st for a free registration to the conference!

Just visit our online survey here to fill it out, that simple!

We’ll have more information on the Regina event in the coming months.



Monday, February 13, 2012

AzureCamp Announced for Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con West!

Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con West is all about providing as much value as possible to attendees, and we’re thrilled to announce another event associated with the conference!

On Monday, March 12th Microsoft will be hosting an AzureCamp. This is a day-long workshop showing you what Azure and developing for the Cloud is all about. Also – it’s FREE! That’s right, whether you attend the conference or not, you can come to this fantastic day long workshop and not pay a penny. Microsoft is even covering breakfast and lunch!

We only have 40 spots available! So head over to the registration page for the event to get all the information about venue, time, and prerequisites (very important, this is a hands-on coding workshop – you’ll need to bring your laptop).

And of course, register for Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con West today to take advantage of our February discounted price!

AzureFest Registration Link:

Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con Link:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Re-Branding–Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con West!

We’ve heard that some IT Pros weren’t aware that we had IT Pro content, which is entirely our fault – why would virtualization or System Center sessions show up at a “Developer” conference?

So to try and alleviate the confusion, we’re doing a slight re-branding for the March conference to…


Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con West!

We’ve got IT Pro-themed sessions covering virtualization, Microsoft System Center, cloud, Lync, SharePoint, SQL Server, and more!

Plus, attending the conference will get you a free pass to one of the IT Virtualization workshops being held on Monday March 12th!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to speed on what Microsoft is doing within the IT Pro space! Register today for Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con West!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Announcing our Keynote Speaker–Chris Moore, CIO, City of Edmonton!

We are beyond thrilled to have Chris Moore, City of Edmonton CIO, as our keynote speaker for Prairie Dev Con – West! Chris is a huge proponent of open government, and will be sharing how the City of Edmonton leverages technology to increase transparency with its citizens. Don’t miss seeing Chris on Tuesday, March 13th as he kicks off the conference! Below is his keynote abstract and bio.

Opening Up Government

As technology becomes more pervasive, residents expectations are changing in terms of how we deliver and provide services to them. Over the past several years, Edmonton has become a national and global leader in the use of social media,  open data, and other open tools. We now need to look beyond using these tools and determine how we can work as one government to most effectively meet residents needs through the proper application of open government technology. 

About Chris

chrismooreChris Moore is the Chief Information Officer at the City of Edmonton. Through this position, Chris provides vision and leadership of the City’s information and technology direction. He continues to partnered with local and global organizations to foster Edmonton’s role as a technology leader. In addition to being a founding member of the World eGovernments Organization, Chris has spoken to audiences all over the world about his experience and ideas for technology in government. Chris has fulfillment and freedom in his work and as a leader desires to see those around him attain fulfillment and freedom as well. Chris has been described as transformational, innovative, disruptive and refreshing.  He is an advocate of an Open Ecosystem, Open Gov and Open Data. He desires to see his team embrace innovation, pursuing the possible and building the future together.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Prairie IT Pro Con West–It’s Not Just For Devs!



So you’re an IT Pro and wonder why you’d care about Prairie Developer Conference? Well let me tell you, this isn’t just a software developer conference!

We’ve got IT Pro-themed sessions covering virtualization, Microsoft System Center, cloud, Lync, SharePoint, SQL Server, and more!

Plus, attending the conference will get you a free pass to one of the IT Virtualization workshops being held on Monday March 12th!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to speed on what Microsoft is doing within the IT Pro space! Register today for Prairie Dev Con!

Announcing Microsoft IT Virtualization Boot Camp Events!

We’re thrilled that Microsoft TechDays and the Calgary IT Pro Community are bringing an IT Virtualization Boot Camp to Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con – West!

This day-long workshop will give you hands on experience on Microsoft virtualization technologies, so at the end you’ll know how to…

Prepare your Windows Server-based computer for virtualization

an iSCSI storage server

a Windows Failover Cluster

Hyper-V virtual machines highly available and using Live Migration to move running workloads between hosts with no loss in client connectivity

non-Microsoft-based virtual machines into your cluster

how Windows Failover Clustering can help to make dealing with hardware failure easier

Plus, Microsoft is bringing the computers and hardware so this truly is a hands-on workshop!

So here’s the details:

Monday, March 12

Registration and snacks at 9:30 AM, workshop 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

TELUS Convention Centre

If you’re registered for Prairie Dev Con, this event is *FREE*! You can select it as an agenda item during registration. Visit for details on how to register for the conference!

Otherwise, there’s a nominal $25 fee. Proceeds go to the Calgary IT Pro Community! The signup form will be up later today (Jan 30/2012) at this link

You can download the workshop synopsis here!

NOTE: The workshop is limited to 40 people, so this is a first come – first serve scenario. Make sure to register early!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Get a Discount for Prairie Dev Con–West and Help Support Your Local Technical Community

PrairieDevCon is all about community – providing an opportunity for technical communities to gather together and learn, socialize, and network. As a community leader myself, I know first hand how much work goes into finding sponsorship and support to ensure user groups, code camps, and other community events happen.

With that in mind, we’re introducing a new community sponsorship program!

Below are promo codes for various technical communities within Calgary and Edmonton. For every conference registration with a promo code, we’ll donate $25 to the associated group!

Also when you use a code you’ll get $100 off your conference registration!

So attending Prairie Dev Con – West not only gives you three days of fantastic technical sessions, it also helps your local community groups provide you with more great events!

Get more info on the conference, sessions, speakers, and how to register at!


Promo Code

Calgary .NET User Group


Calgary IT Pro Community Association


Calgary SQL User Group


Calgary SharePoint User Group


Edmonton .NET User Group


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Microsoft TechDays Sessions Posted!

They’ve arrived! Microsoft is bringing a number of sessions from their popular TechDays events to Prairie Dev Con West and we’ve got them posted on our site!

In addition to fantastic SharePoint, SQL Server, mobile, and cloud sessions, we’ve got some great content for those in the IT Pro world: System Center, VIrtualization, Lync, and more!

Check out all the TechDays content by visiting our Sessions page and selecting TechDays from the filter list!

And a reminder – our January discounted price of $599.99 ends January 31st! Secure your registration to the conference today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Check Out Our SharePoint Session Lineup!

Interested in SharePoint? Want to learn from experts with real world experience with the platform?

Prairie Dev Con West has four Microsoft SharePoint MVPs presenting at the event, and covering development and administration! Check out these titles:

Build Composite SharePoint Solutions Using HTML5 and JavaScript
Jason Kaczor

Managing SharePoint 2012 with System Center Operations Manager
Jason Kaczor

Optimizing SharePoint for Internet Sites
Kanwal Khipple

Practical Tips for Governance of SharePoint
Juan Larios

SharePoint Client Object Model: Accessing SharePoint Externally Using Javascript and C#
Bil Simser

Check out more details on these and other sessions, and the speakers presenting them, at our website:!

Make sure to register in January to take advantage of our $599.99 discounted price!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New SQL Server and SharePoint Sessions Added

We’re going to be adding more sessions to the schedule this week, and we’re kicking it off with the three below:

Mike Diehl will be presenting two SQL Server based talks:

SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services

Data Quality represents the degree to which the data is suitable for usage in the required business processes. The quality of data can be defined, measured and managed through various data quality metrics such as completeness, conformity, consistency, accuracy, and duplication. Improved data quality is achieved through people, technology and processes. Learn how SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS) provides approachable data quality capabilities for organizations of all sizes to help improve the quality of their data. DQS is designed to help ensure data quality through the profiling, cleansing, and matching of critical data.

Patterns and Practices for developing SQL Server 2008 Integration Packages to Populate Data Warehouses

Integration packages perform extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations to bring data from an operational database to a data warehouse. I will show the patterns and practices I use to develop these packages:

  • Naming Conventions
  • When to use the Slowly-changing-dimension task
  • Using stored procedures and views in the source and target databases for integration purposes
  • Using the Lookup task.
  • Incremental extractions
  • Snapshot extractions
  • Change tracking in source, and extraction tracking in target
  • Making packages idempotent
  • Package configurations
  • Deployment and execution
  • Custom SSIS task development

And Kanwal Khipple will be presenting on SharePoint:

Optimizing SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites.

This session is for you whether you have an existing public facing site that you want to replace or you are new to the world of .com. We’ll also discuss how to configure public facing sites, what security needs to be place and what features to leverage. We will also focus on the needs of your visitors and how to ensure a consistent experience. After this session, you'll have the knowledge to tackle the following key areas: Performance optimization, SEO, Branding Guidelines, Technical Architecture

Don’t forgot our January discounted price ends in less than two weeks, so register today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey Edmonton–Want to learn Azure and Have a Chance to Win a PrDCWest Conference Pass?

This Saturday, Microsoft and the Edmonton .NET User Group will be putting on Azure Camp – a free day-long immersion in Azure cloud development! Prairie Dev Con speaker Tyler Doerksen will be leading the camp which will provide a solid foundation on cloud development using Microsoft technologies.

Plus, Prairie Developer Conference is providing a free registration to be given away at the event!

For more information including location, times, and how to register, visit -

Also don’t forget that the $599.99 January registration price for Prairie Developer Conference West ends in 2 weeks! Make sure to register today!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Come Get an Agile Kickstart at PrDC West!

We’ve got some fantastic Agile speakers and sessions at Prairie Dev Con West this March, and no matter what your interest is in Agile we’ve got you covered! Sessions include:

  • Agile Estimating Dojo – Two hours of hands on estimating exercises!
  • Integrating Data Modelling & Data Design into Agile Practices
  • User Story Mapping: Rounding Out Your Backlog
  • Why We Suck at Estimating (And How To Get Better)
  • Performance Tuning: An Agile Approach
  • Using fitSharp for Automated Acceptance Testing
  • Good vs. Great Agile Teams
  • Agile Practices from a Standing Start
  • Hands On Applied Agile
  • Why They Aren’t Buying Your Agile and How to Make them Love It
  • An Agile Panel Discussion with our Agile Presenters

To get more details on these, check out the session descriptions at

If you want a full immersion experience in Agile, make sure to check out our pre-conference workshop ‘Planning and Initiating an Agile Project’ with Steve Rogalsky!

Planning and initiating any project can be a challenging task. When starting an agile project the focus, activities, and output changes significantly from traditional projects. It can be challenging to understand what practices should be used and what deliverables should be produced to allow the project to start quickly and on a firm foundation. This workshop will help you understand who should be involved and the differences between traditional and agile project planning and initiation. Working in teams, you will receive hands-on practice in planning and initiating an agile project using techniques such as:

  • Agile Visioning (Starting with Why)
  • Agile Chartering
  • Planning, organizing and prioritizing through User Story Mapping
  • Personas and User Scenarios
  • Techniques for generating user stories
  • How to write good user stories
  • Agile estimating techniques
  • Prioritizing user stories
  • Light weight risk assessments

This hands-on workshop is recommended for all roles and team members.

Workshops can be registered individually or bundled with a conference registration for 50% off! For pricing information and how to register, visit