Friday, October 5, 2012

PITDC–Session Resources

Hi folks! This is the place to find links to session resources from Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con 2012!

We’ll update this post with new links as we get them from the speakers. If there’s session content you’d like that isn’t listed, let me know and I can request it directly from the speaker.

(Almost) 8 Web Services in 75 Minutes (Chad McCallum and James Chambers)
(slides/code links are at the end of the blog post)

Open Data – A Paradigm Shift

Sencha Touch Dojo

Managing Virtual Machines with PowerShell

The Dark Side of Code Metrics

Advanced Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Beautiful Javascript with Coffeescript


Continuous Integration Evolved

Do This; No Do That – Building the Bridge Between Creative and Code

Multitaskers Anonymous

Using Live Graphs and Logs in your Production Environment

HTML5 The Parts You Care About

The Silence of Agile

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