Friday, November 8, 2013

Prairie Dev Con MVA Challenge!

Just because Prairie Dev Con is done doesn’t mean the learning ends! We’re running a Microsoft Virtual Academy Challenge through the month of November that you can take advantage of to learn Microsoft technologies as well as earn bonus MVA points!

Here’s how it works:

Between November 12th and November 30th Prairie Dev Con will tweet a MVA course a day (to follow us on Twitter, go to

Once you complete the course, send a copy of your completion certificate to me at You’ll receive 100 MVA points!

Next, challenge a colleague! Tweet “I challenge my followers to complete this course for 100 MVA points @prairiedevcon” (or something like that…be creative, but ensure you include the @prairiedevcon in the tweet).

Once your colleague has completed it and tweeted as per above, we’ll record an extra 50 MVA points for yourself as a referral bonus! Remember, you must include @prairiedevcon in the tweets for us to track this.

So get out there, get learning, and have fun!

Prairie Dev Con Saskatoon–Session Resources

I’ll be posting links to session resources (slides, demos, etc.) as I get them in. Check back here often for updates! If there’s a particular session you’d like to see that isn’t posted let me know and I’ll ping the presenter.



SignalR – James Chambers

“Web Performance & You” and “Websites for Everyone,Not Just Us” – Devon Rathie-Wright

Agile Teams and Rich UI with Knockout.js and Coffeescript – Amir Barylko

More to come!