Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Announcing Large Group Pricing

We’ve had a few people express interest in having larger groups attend the conference, and inquire on whether we give any extra discount for the volume.

So today I’m thrilled to announce that we’re introducing a large group discount! If you register 15 or more people, you can get $75 off each registration!

That means for our early bird pricing of $349.99 in September, you actually only pay $274.99! For the price of sending 1 or 2 people to an out of town conference, you can send 15 people to a fantastic local 2 day conference with amazing speakers and fantastic technical sessions!

For more information on how to register your large group for the conference, contact us at info@prairiedevcon.com



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our $349.99 Early Bird Price Extended Thru September!

Being a Manitoban myself, I understand our love for Summer: getting away to the lake, enjoying vacation time with family, travelling, going camping, etc.

Of course, that means that promoting a technology conference in August means that there are those who have been away and may just be coming back now and hearing about Prairie Dev Con.

So in light of that, we’re extending our $349.99 early bird pricing thru September!!!

That’s right, you can register to attend a fantastic 2 days of technical content (41 sessions) with outstanding speakers for $349.99, and groups of 3+ still get an extra $50 off each registration!

For more information on the conference, including speakers, sessions, and how to register, visit our website (we’re updating the site now, so while it may not reflect the discount be assured our registration service will):