Friday, September 28, 2012

Prairie IT Pro & Dev Con - Final Update!

Below is a recap of the final update email that went out to attendees today! See you on Monday!

Registration opens at 7 AM on Monday. We're located on the 2nd floor of the Delta Regina - enter through the main doors and take the escalators to the 2nd floor. There's a link to the floor plan on our Schedule page:
Breakfast will be served from 7AM - 8AM in the Trentino room.


The Delta Regina does offer free wi-fi internet. However, one request - please try to restrain connections to one device while at the conference (i.e. phone, laptop, etc.). We've found in the past that we can overload the internet rather quickly, and reducing the number of devices connecting can definitely help.


There have been a few last minute changes to the schedule, so please review the schedule again before Monday. We will have paper copies of the schedule available and you can also check the schedule on our Mobile website:
*Note - the mobile site will be udpated over the weekend to reflect the schedule changes on our website.

Some of our sessions are labelled as "Dojos". These are hands-on sessions where the expectation is that you bring a laptop and code along with the presenter. Each dojo has pre-requisites that must be installed or downloaded prior to the session! We've put up a blog post that details where you can get the materials for each one:
We'll also have some hard drives at the registration table with any session materials/pre-requisites so you can copy them over at the conference.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week, and as always please let me know if you have any other questions!



Windows 8 Workshop
There's still time to register for Sunday's free Windows 8 Workshop! Visit the registration page for all the information!


Windows Server 2012 Hands-On IT Camp
There's still time to register for Wednesday night's free Windows Server 2012 Hands-On IT Camp! Visit the registration page for more info!

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