Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Come Get an Agile Kickstart at PrDC West!

We’ve got some fantastic Agile speakers and sessions at Prairie Dev Con West this March, and no matter what your interest is in Agile we’ve got you covered! Sessions include:

  • Agile Estimating Dojo – Two hours of hands on estimating exercises!
  • Integrating Data Modelling & Data Design into Agile Practices
  • User Story Mapping: Rounding Out Your Backlog
  • Why We Suck at Estimating (And How To Get Better)
  • Performance Tuning: An Agile Approach
  • Using fitSharp for Automated Acceptance Testing
  • Good vs. Great Agile Teams
  • Agile Practices from a Standing Start
  • Hands On Applied Agile
  • Why They Aren’t Buying Your Agile and How to Make them Love It
  • An Agile Panel Discussion with our Agile Presenters

To get more details on these, check out the session descriptions at

If you want a full immersion experience in Agile, make sure to check out our pre-conference workshop ‘Planning and Initiating an Agile Project’ with Steve Rogalsky!

Planning and initiating any project can be a challenging task. When starting an agile project the focus, activities, and output changes significantly from traditional projects. It can be challenging to understand what practices should be used and what deliverables should be produced to allow the project to start quickly and on a firm foundation. This workshop will help you understand who should be involved and the differences between traditional and agile project planning and initiation. Working in teams, you will receive hands-on practice in planning and initiating an agile project using techniques such as:

  • Agile Visioning (Starting with Why)
  • Agile Chartering
  • Planning, organizing and prioritizing through User Story Mapping
  • Personas and User Scenarios
  • Techniques for generating user stories
  • How to write good user stories
  • Agile estimating techniques
  • Prioritizing user stories
  • Light weight risk assessments

This hands-on workshop is recommended for all roles and team members.

Workshops can be registered individually or bundled with a conference registration for 50% off! For pricing information and how to register, visit

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