Monday, December 12, 2011

Tek-Pub, Agile Workshop Added, and TechDays Content!

Free 10-Day TekPub Subscription for First 100 Registrants

Our friends at TekPub have provided us with 10-Day subscriptions for the first 100 registrants to the conference! If you’re not familiar with TekPub, it’s an online learning portal with fantastic screen-casts put together by leading technical experts like Rob Conery, Roy Osherove, Ayende Rahien, and others, and covering .NET, Ruby, Mobile, and other topics! Make sure to register today to claim your subscription!

For more information on TekPub, visit:

We also blogged about this, so check out the post here for more info:

New Workshop Added – Planning and Initiating an Agile Project with Steve Rogalsky

We’re thrilled to add a third pre-conference workshop, and that Agile expert Steve Rogalsky will be on hand to deliver it! Steve has been speaking and leading similar workshops on Agile, and has emerged as one of the go-to experts on Agile software development in Canada. If you’re interested in Agile and want a greater understanding of running Agile projects, this is a must-attend workshop! You can check out the abstract on our workshop page on the conference site:

We also blogged about this, so check out the post here for more info:

TechDays Content and Community Events

You may have noticed that Microsoft’s TechDays is now featured as our diamond sponsor on the website! Not only are we appreciative of the support from Microsoft, but TechDays will also be bringing 30 IT Pro and Developer sessions from the recent TechDays events to Prairie Dev Con West! We’re also finalizing details for Community IT Pro, Azure, and Dev Camps to occur around the conference, so stay tuned for more announcements in early January!

We also blogged about this, so check out the post here for more info:

Early Bird Pricing Ends in Less Than 3 Weeks!

Just a reminder that our $499.99 early bird pricing ends December 31st! Also, groups of 3 or more get an additional $50 off each registration! Register today!

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