Friday, August 12, 2011

New Sessions Posted!

We’ve posted some new sessions to the lineup! Check out all our fantastic sessions on our website here!

A Dash of Kanban Anyone?
Joel Semeniuk

Can you pinpoint bottlenecks on your team? Can you predict when features will be complete? Do sprints feel too rigid for your team? Kanban means Visual Board and comes from the world of Lean Thinking. Kanban has started to influence software development teams, simplifying many aspects of software process management. Why does Kanban matter and how does it work? In this session we'll explore these questions and find out how you can start with Kanban and Lean Thinking.

Want Better Estimates? Stop Estimating!
Joel Semeniuk

Estimation is hard. Some say impossible to get right. There are lots of estimation techniques, some of them easy and some of them really complex. Most of the time these techniques don't make you better at estimation. Is there a way to stop estimating and still run a team that produces predictably and reliably? Come to this talk.. and you'll find out.

Building SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Visual Studio
Frode Aarebrot

Transform your business processes using SharePoint workflow. SharePoint can automate tasks, reduce workload, save time, increase production, bring consistency and help meet audit and compliance requirements. In this session we’ll unravel the mystery of creating custom workflows with task forms including proper packaging and deployment.

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