Friday, March 6, 2015

“What Is Computer Science”–Help a High School Teacher Out!

Larry Wachs, the computer science teacher at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate here in Winnipeg, is looking for some help from those of us in the industry. Here’s his ask:

“What is Computer Science?

As a high school Computer Science teacher, this is a question I have to answer ALL THE TIME from students, parents, and others. I try my best to answer, but if you’re willing I could use your help!

You can help by filming a short (approximately 5 second) video response on your smart phone, camera, etc. and say “This is Computer Science”.

The key to this is that you do it in your place of work, or some other cool background for the video. For example: in front of all your employees saying it in unison, with some of your development of cool projects going on in the background, the cool office settings you have, or in front of the view outside your office windows. The idea for this is that it will show the diverse nature of Computer Science and the potential it has for the future. These responses will be put together with others to make a short video for teachers to promote Computer Science education.

Please send your video responses or links to video responses to:

Thank you for your time!”

This is a fantastic endeavour to help promote Computer Science within Manitoba high schools so please consider doing a short video and helping Larry out!



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