Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Winnipeg 2015 Call For Speakers – Update!

The call for speakers for our Winnipeg 2015 Prairie Dev Con event has been open for a little while, and I wanted to post some comments and updates for those considering to speak.

Call For Speakers Deadline Extended!

I received some feedback that a bit more time to get sessions in would be appreciated. So with that in mind, the new date to submit your talks by is November 14. 2014! Please submit your talks to our online form found here.

Topic Interest

I have a survey for perspective attendees to provide feedback on what topics they’d like. Although there’s still time for people to submit their feedback, here’s the top topic areas currently:

Must Have Topics

Really Want Topics

Have Interest In Topics

Mobile Development
Dev Practices
Dev Team Management


When submitting talks, please keep this in mind. Also, if you have a talk that doesn’t fall into this list I’d still encourage you to submit them. I look for diversity in the conference topics and would love to see talks around security, general cloud architecture (regardless of platform), and others.

I Forgot to Mention Speakers Must Be From North America

Did it again – failed to mention on the call for speakers page on the site that we can only accommodate North America speakers (its just too expensive for our regional conference to cover overseas travel expenses).

Apologies to those who have submitted from overseas.

Any questions on any of this please let me know!



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