Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vision for Prairie Dev Con 2015

Planning for Prairie Dev Con 2015 events are in full swing! I’m talking with potential sponsors*, lining up venues, and next week the official call for speakers will go out. I wanted to share with you the vision for the 2015 shows and what you can expect content wise.

I love attending conferences and hearing about new technology, or about existing technology and a particular way to use it. But what I really love about conferences is hearing the real-world stories of software development. Learning how systems were architected, how problems were solved, how teams were structured and worked together. I feel strongly that while technical knowledge is important, the experience of software development is just as important to share and we can sometimes learn the most from the experiences of others.

So for 2015, in addition to the great technical sessions that focus on a technology or topic, we’ll be bringing sessions that tell developer stories – the how’s and why’s of system development and implementation, the roadblocks and solutions, and the reality of bringing technical solutions to various platforms. We’ll talk from different points of view – the enterprise, the startup, and everything in between.

As I look around the prairie communities I see a shift happening – communities want to do as much as they want to learn, to experience as much as study, and innovate as much (or more-so) as to maintain. Prairie Dev Con wants to be part of that shift. I hope you join us at our 2015 events and become part of it too.


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*Sponsorship is very important to the life-blood of a conference. If you’re interested in having your organization sponsor, get all the details here.

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