Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prairie Dev Con 14 Session Materials

I’ll be posting links to session materials here over the next few weeks as I receive them. If you don’t see materials for a session you’re interested in, please let me know and I can reach out to the speaker directly.

Mobile Cross Platform Dev with C# and Xamarin
Nick Landry

JavaScript Unit Testing
Shabnam Shahfar

Refactoring Workshop
Amir Barylko

Test Your JavaScript with the help of D&D
Tim G. Thomas

Go Native-ish
Tim G. Thomas

Get Functional on the CLR: Intro to Functional Programming with F#
David Alpert

Caching Up Is Hard To Do
Chad McCallum

Your Design is Only Mostly Dead
Steve Rogalsky

Mobile Cross Platform Dev with C# and Xamarin

Domain Driven Design Primer
Design Patterns You Didn’t Know About
Donald Belcham

More to come!


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