Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Announcing our First Keynote: Digital Marketing and Technology Visionary, Miguel Carrasco!

We have our first keynote address scheduled for the conference, and its going to be fantastic! Digital Marketing and Technology visionary Miguel Carrasco (Director of Imaginet Interactive and a Microsoft MVP) will open the inaugural Winnipeg Prairie Developer Conference! Here’s his keynote abstract:

The world is changing. Forget traditional desktop, laptops, or even the iPad. The way we interact with computers is about to change in a radical way. In order to appreciate and understand the future, we first need to understand the past.  Miguel will take attendees on a ride through "The Evolution of User Interfaces" and provide insight on where we were, where we are today, and what the future holds.  Learn what the experts are describing as "the most dramatic shift our industry has ever seen".  The future is only limited by what we can imagine in our minds.

About Miguel:

Miguel is a passionate speaker and brings a unique perspective and incredible ideas to everything he does.  Miguel is unique in our field because he combines deep technical understanding, real world experience, and an incredible marketing and creative awareness. When Microsoft needed to explain the importance of user experience design to companies around the world, they brought in Miguel to present at Internet Week in New York. In 2008 Miguel was named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

Miguel speaks frequently across Canada and North America from topics ranging from User Experience Design, Social Media, and Technology. A community leader, Miguel is passionate about creating a world-renowned marketing and technology community in central Canada.

Miguel has always pushed the envelope and challenged traditional thinking in the technology industry, and his message will resonate with attendees at Winnipeg’s first Prairie Developer Conference!


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