Sunday, March 13, 2011

Microsoft’s Channel 9 Leadership to Keynote…and There’s a Prairie Connection!

The Prairie Developer Conference is thrilled to announce that Jeff Sandquist, Duncan Mackenzie, and Dan Fernandez from Microsoft’s Channel 9 team will be delivering a keynote at this year’s conference! What’s fantastic about having these gents come up is that in addition to their technical knowledge, they bring something unique with them: a Canadian prairie connection!

Jeff is the Senior Director of Developer Relations at Microsoft. He helped create the Channel 9 developer community, and still leads that team to drive Channel 9 and the Mix communities in addition to connecting top applications and their developers with Microsoft.
And…he’s from Estevan, SK!

Duncan Mackenzie is the lead developer for the Channel 9 team, and formerly worked on MSDN. He’s written numerous articles and books around programming and as developer lead oversaw the Channel 8, TechNet Edge, and VisitMix websites in addition to the Oxite website engine. And…he’s from Winnipeg, MB!

Dan Fernandez is a developer and platform evangelist working on the Channel 9 team. If you’ve seen any of the TWC9 videos (This Week on Channel 9) then you’ve seen Dan talk about everything and anything to do with Microsoft development. And…well, he’s from the US, but he’s a very nice guy!

Whether you develop in the Microsoft space or not, hearing about how two Canadian prairie boys found themselves leading Microsoft’s flagship online developer community is a great story that all prairie developers can appreciate.

Watch for more keynote details in the coming weeks!


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